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Caring for Summertime Flowers

Summer Wedding Flowers

Are you hosting a summertime wedding? It's a beautiful time of year to get married! But, here in Texas, we all know it can be hot. Hot may be an understatement... it can be downright scorching! Especially for your delicate wedding-day flowers. 

So how can you make sure your ceremony and reception flowers will last on your special day? It takes a little extra love, but with a bit of special care, your summery florals will look perfect from first look to last dance. 

Here's our number one tip: water! Water will work wonders for your wedding-day blooms—from bridal bouquet to bridesmaids' stems. Whenever you are not holding your bouquet, let it rest in a vase of water (along with your bridesmaids' bouquets). Never set it down unless it's going right into a vase! And keep a few paper towels nearby to dry off any wet stems when you pick up the bouquets for the next round of photos.

Other than water, the best thing you can do for your flowers is air conditioning. Try to keep your bouquets and ceremony flowers indoors unless they are currently needed for outdoor photos. Take it a step further for boutonnieres and hand-flowers: these smaller blooms can be stored in a portable cooler or the venue's refrigerator to stay in perfect shape. 

Lastly... whenever possible, choose seasonal flowers that can endure the heat. Our creative team will work with you to select seasonal flowers that are likely to withstand summer temperatures far better than delicate off-season petals. Trust your floral designer: we'll always select the freshest and prettiest blooms for your special day! Give us a little flexibility to choose peak blooms, and we promise to deliver the most gorgeous arrangements we can.