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In Honor of Earth Day

Garret Richardson Photography


Have you marked your calendar for Earth Day yet? It's right around the corner—this Sunday, April 22nd. We're lifelong admirers of all the beauty mother nature provides... from beautiful spring blooms and stunning landscapes, to the sunshine on our face and the air we breathe. 

Earth Day is such a meaningful opportunity to recognize our planet and to take steps toward caring for our environment. This year's theme all over the world is "End Plastic Pollution."

In honor of Earth Day, we've collected a few easy things you can do today to love our planet. These little changes add up to make a big difference!

  • Reusable Bags: invest in a canvas or linen tote bag to carry your groceries. Shop our favorites (and support a small business!) here.
  • Reusable Water Bottles: in keeping with this year's theme, commit to using a re-fillable water bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles. There are too many cute patterns out there to keep using plastic! (Bonus points if you also invest in a re-usable coffee mug!). 
  • Skip the Straw. do you have a habit of grabbing a plastic straw when you go out to eat? Straws are unnecessary and harmful to our marine life. Make the switch to sipping without one! 
  • Take Time to Enjoy the Outdoors: when was the last time you slowed down to appreciate our planet? This week, put down your phone and turn off the screens for a few hours. Take a walk and take time to notice all the beauty around us. A little appreciation for our Earth goes a long way to improve our mindset about the environment.
  • Plant a Tree or Garden: of course, this one is our favorite! Plant a few seeds or a small tree to add a little more green to our environment. You'll improve our planet and enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and green plants. 

    Plant a simple flower box on your patio, herbs in an outdoor pot, or a few houseplants. Consider a few of these air-purifying plants if you want to improve the air quality of your own home! Sansevierias, spider plants, and dracaenas remove pollutants from the air and are super easy to care for.


Will you be joining us in recognizing Earth Day? We hope so! Find us on Instagram and drop a comment to let us know how you'll be observing the holiday. We'd love to hear what you're doing to help preserve the lovely planet we call home.