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Favorite Flower: Lisianthus

As a wedding florist, I am often asked: "Which flower is your favorite?" It's never easy to choose – nature has provided so many beautiful options! – but there are actually a few blooms that stand above the rest. You may have read my recent post about a forever-favorite flower: ranunculus.

Today, I'm revealing another all-time favorite bloom: Lisianthus.

Have you heard of lisianthus? It may be slightly lesser-known than other wedding flowers, but it's such a versatile bloom! 

Delicate petals and a variety of beautiful colors make this flower a versatile choice for any arrangement. Lisianthus texture falls somewhere between a sweet pea and a rose (with a more open center), and its possibilities are endless!

Lisianthus is a personal favorite of mine for its versatility. It grows in a wide range colors, including white, cream, peach, pink, lavender, and purple. It is often available year-round, but some varieties are at their peak during the summer months. Its blooms are full enough to add color and texture, but not so large that they overwhelm a design.

As an added bonus, lisianthus is typically less expensive than roses or peonies—but its beautiful petals can achieve a similar effect. 

Lisianthus flowers are absolutely beautiful on their own, but they can also be an ideal choice as a secondary flower in your arrangement. They can help make a design look fuller, without distracting from any wow-factor blooms you want to showcase. 


No matter what your wedding style is, lisianthus is likely to be a beautiful choice for your floral design... It's easy to see why this pretty flower will always have a place in my heart!


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Are you as head-over-heels in love with lisianthus as I am? Let's dream about your own wedding flowers! Inquire to collect more details about my design process. I would be honored to craft natural, elegant floral designs for your special day! 


Sarah Erickson