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Five Wedding Floral Installation Ideas You’ll Love

Wedding Floral Installation Ideas

Nothing makes a statement at your celebration like a wedding floral installation… and it’s an area with plenty of room for creativity and personalization! Whether you want to transform a ceremony space, or make a memorable impression as guests enter a reception… installations never fail to make a visual impact.

We love to think outside the box and dream up nontraditional statement pieces for your special day. Start collecting inspiration with our ideas below: five floral installation ideas that you’ll love to incorporate into your own celebration!


Five Wedding Floral Installation Ideas You’ll Love | Olive Grove Design
  • Floor Pieces: floor pieces are an amazing opportunity for personalization. Since we build the entire design from the ground up, the installation can take on any shape, size, or color. Floor pieces are perfect as ceremony settings (in lieu of an arch or altar), or to draw attention to a special focal point at your reception (like a sweetheart table or cake display).


Five Wedding Floral Installation Ideas You’ll Love | Olive Grove Design
  • Hanging Installations: don’t forget to think upwards! A hanging installation brings serious wow-factor to any reception space. Lush flowers over the head table are always a good idea.


  • Wall Backdrops: are you tying the knot at a venue with lots of blank wall space? It’s easy to transform any wall with a memorable backdrop display! Whether you’re looking for touches of organic greenery, oversized hanging wreaths, or a flower wall… we can use floral design to make the space uniquely yours.


  • Arches: of course, arches are a great option to make any area feel like a true ceremony space. If you’re getting married outside or in a blank-canvas venue, a sumptuous floral arch goes a long way to define your ceremony space. That being said, don’t be afraid to think outside the box: an arch can also set the tone for a reception entrance, cake display, or even photo booth.


  • Architectural Adornments: when you choose a venue with unique architectural elements, don’t miss out on the opportunity to deck them with gorgeous florals! Adding colorful blooms or trailing greenery to a mantle or staircase elevates your entire event—and draws attention to the distinctive architecture that makes your venue so special.

Floral decor at a modern wedding can extend far beyond centerpieces and table runners. Why not add a dose of personality and creativity to your celebration? A unique floral display is a guaranteed wow-factor… a memorable element of your special day, custom-crafted for your celebration.

We would love nothing more than to design a custom wedding floral installation for you! Let’s start the design process by getting better acquainted. Get in touch here, so we can start collecting ideas for your own wedding-day floral installation! We look forward to designing with you.