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Why We Adore In-Season Flowers


Have you ever inquired about our process? If you do, you'll find that our designs rely heavily on in-season blooms. At Olive Grove Design, our philosophy is all about working with nature. She's already created more beauty than we ever will. Why work against her? 

We believe nature knows best. Following her seasons leads to full arrangements with stunning blooms; trying to work against nature is only a recipe for wilting blooms.

You may have your heart set on fluffy peonies... but if your wedding day is on the horizon and the peonies have already faded past their prime, wouldn't you rather use an equally beautiful bloom that is at its peak? We certainly would! 

We want you to have a bouquet filled with gorgeous flowers at their absolute best—not sickly flowers that are already browning around the edges. An experienced florist can find a substitute that is in season and still perfectly complements your aesthetic. 

It takes a lot of trust. Luckily, our clients trust us to find the most gorgeous flowers and incorporate them into an arrangement that suits their vision. We're so thankful for their trust; it gives us room for creativity, and the opportunity to select the very best nature has to offer.

We love to work with nature's best... And we wholeheartedly believe your wedding-day flowers look even more beautiful when we do! 

Will you trust us with with your own wedding flowers? We promise to always deliver the most beautiful blooms we can find—the flowers that are at their peak, ready to impress with color and fullness. It's the best way to make a memorable impact with stunning floral design!

*Tip: here in Texas, it's so important to take special care of your seasonal summer flowers. Be sure to keep your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets in water as much as possible (while getting ready, and in between photos). It will preserve your seasonal blooms as long as possible, even in the Texas heat!

Ready to learn more and begin dreaming of your own wedding-day design? We'd love to chat with you! Click the button below to get started. We can't wait to hear from you!

Sarah Erickson