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Favorite Flower: Ranunculus

People ask me all the time: "Which flower is your favorite?" It's never an easy answer—you know I adore them all! That being said... there are a few blooms that just make my heart sing every time.

Today I'm highlighting a forever favorite: the ranunculus.  

Do you recognize this sweet stem? Chances are, you've seen it often in my arrangements!

I love ranunculus for its color and texture—and it always plays so nicely with others! Ranunculus comes in a variety of vibrant hues, spanning from bright orange and yellow, to peachy pink, deep violet, and ivory. The ranunculus has delicate papery petals, wrapped up together to form a full bloom that never fails to make a stunning statement.

The best part? These beautiful blooms like gorgeous in almost any arrangement. Their fluffy texture and elegant stems add texture, color, and fullness to any bouquet or centerpiece. And with so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless! The ranunculus has so much versatility—and it always adds just the right touch to a design.

In the Victorian "Language of the Flowers," a ranunculus symbolized radiant charm. A bouquet with ranunculus carried a romantic message to its recipient: "I am dazzled by you." The history behind this favorite flower only makes it even more endearing!

What do you think? Would you incorporate this gorgeous bloom into your own bouquet? 

Come back soon to find out which other flowers I consider "favorites" (good things come in threes!). And if you've fallen in love with ranunculus as much as I have, drop me a note here. I would love to create a memorable design just for you, featuring this beautiful bloom.