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Seasonal Flowers for a Summer Wedding

Can you believe May has already arrived—and June is fast-approaching? The summertime season will be here before we know it. We're already dreaming of sunshine and poolside cocktails... and summer weddings!

It's no secret that we love to work with seasonal blooms. Our philosophy is to work with nature's design as much as possible—so most of our arrangements feature flowers at their peak.

We wholeheartedly believe your design will always look best with fresh seasonal flowers in full bloom. That can change from week to week... or, here in Texas, day to day!

There's rarely a guarantee, but there are a few floral varieties you can expect to find at their peek in summer. Take a peek at our list and see which ones speak to you:



Summer Wedding Flowers

  • Café au Lait Dahlias: these big blooms make a gorgeous statement in any arrangement. The soft neutral color is a subtle alternative to white or ivory, adding a touch of warmth to your bouquet.
  • Freesia: freesias grow in a long stem with a cluster of bell-shaped flowers (and often a few green buds) at the top of each stem. They come in a variety of colors, and have a sweet fragrance. The long stems make freesia a nice choice for adding loose texture and height to an arrangement.
  • Clematis: clematis is an early summer flower that grows on a delicately trailing vine. Their papery petals and leafy stems add light texture to a bouquet. Clematis comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, dusty lavender, and burgundy.
  • Poppy: much like clematis, poppies feature delicate papery petals, usually with a yellow center. Their single-stems make it easy to add carefully placed color into your arrangement (and you'll have plenty of options! Poppies seem come in every warm hue).
  • Lisianthus: one of my personal favorite flowers! Delicate petals and a variety of beautiful colors make this bloom a versatile choice. It is often available year-round, but some varieties are at their peak during the summer months. Lisianthus texture falls somewhere between a sweet pea and a rose, and its possibilities are endless!


Along with your fresh summer blooms, we'll add texture and volume with year-round selections like garden roses and scabiosa. Leafy stems, trailing greenery, sprigs of eucalyptus, and fluffy ferns will add to the shape of your arrangement. 

And of course... don't be afraid to dream outside the box! We love to add thoughtful color and texture to an arrangement. A stem of bright orange kumquats or an oversized palm leaf could add memorable summery vibes to your floral design. 

* On the wedding day, be sure to give your flowers plenty of water—and keep them cool as much as possible. If you aren't holding the bouquet for photos, let it rest in a nearby vase. Texas heat can be tough on wedding bouquets, but a bit of water and AC go a long way to preserve your blooms throughout the day!



What do you think? Are you planning a summer wedding? Which of these summertime blooms speak to your heart? We'd love to craft a summertime bouquet just for you.

Inquire with us to learn more about our design process and investment details. We'd be honored to add summer wedding flowers to your special day!