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Finding Inspiration in Colombia

Colombia Inspirations

As a floral designer, I'm always seeking new inspirations... textures, colors, and designs that spark my creativity and inspire me to try something new in my work. 

I'm designing new floral arrangements every week. It may seem like I'm repeating the same tasks for every event: bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces. That may be true, but there's so much more to it! For me, every single event is an opportunity to express creativity and capture a couple's unique vision. No two arrangements are exactly alike. Why should they be?

I think it is so important to feed my creativity and keep dreaming up new and exciting designs—for clients, and for myself. 

So, how do I stay creatively inspired? I seek inspiration everywhere, everyday... but a huge source of creative inspiration comes from travel! 

I recently had the opportunity to explore Colombia, and found inspiration tucked around every corner. The tropical climate encouraged plenty of gorgeous blooms all over the place! From palm trees and cacti to flower boxes spilling over the top with magenta bougainvillea... there was so much to take in.

Beyond the lush vegetation, I was also so inspired by the colorful buildings, the unique textures, and – of course – the incredible people and culture. From flavorful food to serene landscapes, I could spot inspiration everywhere we turned.

I can't wait to incorporate some of these inspirations into a creative floral design—maybe a color palette inspired by the peach-colored buildings, or a centerpiece with tropical palms. The possibilities are endless!

Where will you travel next? What about that place inspires you most? The smallest things can inspire an entire design concept... from the perfect stucco color, to a wild bougainvillea. Take a peek at my own travel inspirations below!


Sarah Erickson