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Minimalism + Design Process

Olive Grove Design | Fine Art Floral Design with a Minimalist Approach


"Minimalism is a style in which a small number of very simple things are used to create a particular effect."

A minimalist mindset is inspiring a lot of our design process lately. We're taking time to slow down and really appreciate all the elements of floral design: our materials, nature's beauty, and the creative process. 

What does this mean for our design process? It means we are intentional about every stem placed. With each flower in hand, we ask ourselves "Is this essential to the design? Will the arrangement be enhanced by adding or taking away?" 

Slowing down and taking time to appreciate every flower allows us to craft thoughtfully designed arrangements—not too much, not too little. We're cautious not to over-stuff an arrangement and create tension between competing blooms; instead, we allow green space to accentuate the blooms we intend to feature. Mindful editing allows us to draw attention to nature's most exquisite designs—truly showcasing each layer of texture, color, and beauty.

This approach also fuels our creativity: how can we create a memorable arrangement, pared down to its most essential elements? Beyond that, it instills a greater appreciation for our materials. We're lucky to work with nature's best and most beautiful creations! We'll never lose our wonder over each delicate variety of flower and its unique beauty. 

Minimalism is a challenge and a joy in the creative process... and we believe it results in some truly stunning designs.

What do you think? Where can you incorporate a minimalist mindset into your own thought processes? We're always seeking new ways to spark creativity and encourage thoughtful design!

Are you ready to embrace our minimalist approach to floral design? We'd be so honored to help. Please feel free to inquire if we can create thoughtfully designed arrangements for your special celebration!


Sarah Erickson